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Where to buy gold in Congo at affordable prices Most business men want to buy gold at affordable prices and yet it’s known that Congo has cheap gold that one can invest in and make very high returns on capital. First and foremost there is the highest quality gold in form of nuggets in Congo unlike other quantities. However the fact that you cannot just come in to Congo to trade gold due to security reasons because of the civil wars and existence of rebels in the country.

We have made leads to always buy gold through us still at affordable prices. As an African or native African business gold selling company we are the answer to where to buy gold in Congo because we have the precious metals from Congo and we sell it cheaply. Our main vault is in Uganda and South Africa where its secure for you to come and buy your gold at cheap and affordable prices. All you need is to contact us through the contact form below and we shall initiate business with you.


fine Gold Bars

Where to buy gold in Congo with no risks It’s guaranteed that you buying gold from Congo is a risk security wise but you buying your gold from us or through us eliminates the risk in this lucrative business. Much as in this business there is buying and selling to make profit what should guarantee your profit is attaining the precious metal at very cheap and affordable prices.

We sell gold with 22 k and 24 k in different forms such as bars or nuggets. We have different provisions of sale you can buy your goods online through us and we deliver to your address or you can physically come and make your purchase physically because we provide all the necessary documentation that is going to help you do hand carry back home.

Fine Gold Nuggets

Where to buy gold in Congo in large quantities Most people want to invest in gold but they are scared to invest as individuals because the business is so lucrative but business is gradual we sell from as low as 100 grams up to 50 kilos of gold. So if you want to trade physical gold then it should be now with your budget.

Let us know about your budget and we shall tell you exactly how much kilo that you need to make the purchase. Buying in large quantities comes with advantages of reduced prices. We also provide legally approved documentations for your gold to make sure that you find ease during transportation.

Gold Bars

Gold Bars

Buying Gold & Silver Online

Buying gold and silver bullion online is safe, convenient, and can be done 24/7. Buying online allows you to browse our entire selection of products, compare prices and premiums, and order when you want. Bantu Gold has been one of the internet’s most trusted bullion dealers for long time and has shipped to nearly every country on Earth.

Gold Bars, Coins, and Jewelry

we pride ourselves on offering clients the most trusted and liquid bullion products on the market. We carry gold coins, gold bars, and gold jewelry from only the most reputable mints. Some of our best-selling gold products include the 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coins, 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, and the 10 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars.

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Buying Gold & Silver for your IRA

Many U.S. investors choose to purchase precious metals in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), because of their tax-free or tax-deferred status. Using a simple “self-directed” IRA, you can invest in true physical gold and silver and still enjoy these tax benefits.

When shopping for your IRA, simply look for products labeled as “IRA Approved” on our product detail pages. These products are certified to meet the IRS’s simple but important criteria for precious metals investments allowed in an IRA.

Before you purchase, make sure you’ve notified your custodian to authorize bantugold.com as a trading partner. Once that’s done, you just place your order and specify your IRA as your source of funds at checkout. We’ll take care of the rest, including working with your custodian to transfer funds and title to the metals.