Bantu Gold is the number one source for purified gold nuggets on the African continent. So if you are looking to buy gold bullion in nugget form, then let us help you in this regard. Buying gold nuggets to protect you from market uncertainty is a very viable and prudent way of protecting and growing your finances. It is a very powerful commodity that protects against inflation the cyclical nature of other asset classes. Therefore a very prudent decision to invest in gold.

Purified gold nuggets come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Whatever your needs, Bantu Gold will ensure you get the most pure and highest quality nuggets available on the continent.


Bantu Gold is a gold consulting and advisory company with stores and offices in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. We have a proven track record of connecting buyers and sellers of gold bullion on the continent. All transactions are fully legitimate and compliant with the laws of any of the host countries we deal in.

So whether you are a small time investor looking to secure a few grams, or a seasoned bulk buyer, Bantu Gold is here to help you secure the highest quality purified gold nuggets from across the African continent at the most affordable prices.  Please note that our turnaround times are also unprecedented in the industry. Rather than waiting, lets us secure your gold bullion in the shortest time possible. It is thus prudent that you contact us now.


Sourcing purified gold nuggets from Bantu Gold means that you do not have to go through the arduous bureaucratic and sometimes difficult process of documentation and verification. Given our extensive knowledge and contacts on the continent, means acquiring all the necessary permits and documents will be a smooth and fast process saving you valuable time and money.  Teams of our dedicated staff are always available to handle and solve all queries in the gold sourcing process.  Therefore contact us now for all your gold bullion needs.