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Bantu Gold are the number one  gold dore sellers in Qatar. We sell gold bars at the cheapest and most affordable prices anywhere. We source gold bars from African countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, South Sudan and other countries. The gold bars are of the highest purity and quality, and is sourced directly from small mines, hence the affordable prices. Therefore if you are looking for gold in Qatar with the cheapest prices, then contact us right away.

Affordable Gold From Gold Dore Seller In Qatar

When you partner with us, you can buy gold bars starting from 1kg to 200kgs. We are the number one source for gold bars, gold nuggets, and gold dust from all over Africa. So if you looking for gold dore sellers in Qatar then let us be your preferred partner. We also have a few leases on mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This means when can afford to sell you high quality gold at the cheapest prices.

The uniqueness of buying gold from Africa is that there is not a lot of bureaucratic strictness making it the best source for all your gold bullion needs. Therefore contact us now if you looking for gold bars at the cheapest prices.

Gold Bars With All Documentation

Buying gold in Qatar through us means your transaction will be handled speedily with strict privacy and confidentiality. More important is that we handle all the required documentation for all gold dore transactions. Our gold goes through all the legitimate channels and is verifiable according to all applicable local and international laws.

Trading with us doesn’t involve third parties or brokers because we are the real sellers. We provide proper documentation for our gold provide legal possession of the metal in your country so that there is no risk on your part as the buyer. It is therefore prudent that if you want to deal with gold dore sellers in Qatar, then African Gold Consultants should be your partner of choice.