Buy Cheap Gold Nuggets At Affordable Prices

Buy Cheap Gold Nuggets At Affordable Prices

Bantu Gold is the number supplier for those looking to buy Cheap gold nuggets at the most affordable prices from the African continent. We are deeply entrenched in the gold bullion trade on the continent and our footprint extends from the Great Lakes Region up to Southern Africa. We source and supply gold nuggets to any country in the world.

Buy cheap gold at the most affordable prices in the gold market from us. We have very cheap gold in comparison to LBMA spot prices because we source our gold directly without the use of brokers or middlemen. We also have a number of leases on small mines within the Great Lakes region enabling us to produce our own gold bullion. However for bulk gold purchases, the buyer will need to make the trip down to Africa. We can supply up to 200 kilos per month. We provide a safe and secure environment for all gold bullion purchases. All transactions are carried out in a transparent and legal way with all documentation and paperwork provided. So contact us now to start the process of acquiring your gold bullion.

Bulk Gold Bars At Wholesale Prices

We supply physical gold bars at wholesale prices mined the Great Lakes Region and Southern Africa. The Great Lakes means Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, etc. Our physical bars are normally with 24k and 22k with the best purity levels that are most wanted by most gold buyers from the gold international markets. All you need is to come to Africa as soon as possible so that we can initiate the lucrative business. What makes this business lucrative is our prices at which we sell the gold. You can contact us for more information through the contact form below. We sell to both individuals and companies looking to buy cheap gold nuggets.

Buy Cheap Gold Nuggets Directly From Source

If you want to invest in gold there are many chances in this world to buy your gold from the source. First and foremost you will have eliminated all those agents or brokers or middlemen. The fact that we get our gold directly from the source, means buying from us is like buying from the source. This gives us leeway and leverage to negotiate the best possible prices for our clients.