Pure Gold Dore Bars In Japan

Pure Gold Dore Bars In Japan

Bantu Gold provides cheap and affordable pure gold dore bars in Japan. We are the number one supplier of gold bullion from the African continent to Japan. We have built and extensive network for sourcing gold from the continent and our service levels and expertise are unmatched. So if you are in Japan and are looking to acquire physical gold, then partner with us.

The pure gold is sourced at some of the richest small scale mines in Africa and our prices are unbeatable. For those who want to buy the gold at source, that opportunity is also available. If you want to be hands on and want to co-manage the process of acquiring and shipping your gold bullion, then you are welcome to make the trip down to Uganda.

We provide a safe and secure environment for all gold bullion transactions giving you complete security and peace of mind. And better still you do not have to carry around bags filled with cash as all transactions are completed electronically. We have 22k and 24k physical gold that is most wanted at the international markets. Therefore contact us now to start the process of acquiring pure gold dore bars in Japan.

Pure Gold Dore Bars In Japan At Discounted Prices

For bulk gold bullion buyers in Japan, we provide heavily discounted prices. A bulk purchase means buying 50 kilograms and above. Buying from us means getting the best prices available from Africa which no other seller can match. This is so because we source our gold directly without the use of middle men or brokers. We also run a few leases on a few mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All this means we are able to pass on considerable price savings to our bulk buyers. Buying from us also means you can use our in-house service when it comes to shipping your gold to your preferred destination. For more information about the discount rates, I will prefer you contact us through the contact form below.

Buy From Us With All Documentation Processed

Bantu Gold is a legitimate gold trading company and we provide legal documentation for all our gold bullion transaction. You need not worry about legal documentation for your gold bullion because that is our responsibility. We shall process you all the necessary government documents that are necessary for the gold sale or transportation outside to your preferred destination.