22k Gold Dore Bars At Affordable Prices

Pure 22k Gold Dore Bars At Affordable Prices

Are you looking for pure 22k gold dore bars at the most affordable prices? If yes, then look no further than Bantu Gold. We are the number one supplier of gold bars on the African Continent, at the cheapest and most affordable prices. We have built and extensive network of local gold suppliers and artisan miners. In addition we also hold a number of small leases on small scale mines within the Democratic Republic of Congo. So if you are looking for a head start in the gold trading business, then partner with us. We are not typically locals it’s just that the company is local company but we trade professionally. So nothing should stop you from wherever you are to come and invest in gold. All you need is to contact us for more information.

Buy Gold Bars Directly

One of the important questions in the gold trade is what is the best price to buy this metal? If you want to buy pure 22k gold dore bars, then let us help you source it directly. By cutting out the middle man, we enable you gain considerable price savings, hence the cheap and affordable price. So if you want physical pure  bars of the best quality you should come to Africa. We have the perfect quality of gold you are looking for in nuggets and Dore bars.

22K Gold Dore Bars With All Documentation

At Bantu Gold, we pride ourselves on highest service levels and transparency. All our gold transactions big or small comes with all the required paperwork and documentation. We do not want you to fall foul of any local or international legal requirements. Thus we strive to make sure all the business we do is legitimate and can muster legal scrutiny. So when dealing with us you will have a full sense of security and peace of mind knowing that everything is in order. Apart from providing legal documentation, we also help with customs clearance and transportation to enable you courier your gold to your preferred destination.

Therefore contact us now on the form below to start the process of acquiring pure 22k gold dore bars.