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Affordable African Gold Online

Are you looking to buy affordable high quality African Gold online? Is yes then get in touch with Bantu Gold to start the process of acquiring your gold bullion. We are one of the most reputable gold bullion brokerages on the continent seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers.  We will guide you through out the gold buying process until the transaction comes to a successful completion.

So if you are looking to purchase gold online, then let us help you. We will source the highest quality  gold and ship it to your preferred destination in the shortest time possible. Physical gold trumps paper gold or gold futures as a form of investment and is not prone to fluctuations and uncertainty that characterize other asset classes.

Source of Our African Gold Online

Given our large footprint on the African Continent, we source the purest and highest quality gold from all over the continent. Our 24 karat gold comes from Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, to mention but a few.

The gold comes in various forms, shapes and sizes, so it is up to you to decide what kind you want to order. We have assayed gold bullion bars, gold nuggets, fine gold, and gold pellets available.  You can also order your gold in raw form, or as an already refined product.

Logistics, Customs and Transportation.

As the number one gold broker on the continent, we are also specialists in logistics, customs and transportation of all your gold online purchases. We take care of all the documentation, verification, export permits, customs, storage and transportation of your gold bullion. We make a seamless and hassle free process to your complete satisfaction. So if you looking to acquire African gold online, then Bantu Gold should be your preferred partner.