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Buy Gold From South Africa

At Bantu Gold we provide you with a safe and secure platform for you to buy gold from South Africa. We are the number one supplier of gold bullion from the African continent. We have a built an extensive network of sources and dealers who are legitimate and verified. A lot of skepticism exists today among people when it comes to purchasing gold from the African continent. However with us you need not worry as all gold purchases through us come with a guarantee. We are able and willing to meet you as the buyer anywhere in the world. You are also welcome to visit us at our locations in Uganda or South Africa to discuss your specific needs. So if you are looking for a company to rely on, then choose us to help you buy gold bars. Contact us now through the contact form below or through whatsapp now.

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We supply the highest quality 22 karat gold dore bars, and the purity is unmatched. All our gold supplies are thoroughly tested at approved government laboratories. We provide all the testing reports at the buyers request before any transaction is effected. Not only is our gold of the highest quality but we can also match any quantity required. Gold purchases start from as low as 200 grams to hundreds of kilograms. So what are you waiting for? Contact us immediately to enable you buy gold from South Africa.

All Purchases Come With Documentation

When it comes to the trading of gold bullion from Africa, there is always the temptation on the part of some buyers to cut corners and do things in an improper way. Do not fall into this trap as it could spell doom for you and your capital investment. Let us supply you gold bullion that is verified and from legitimate sources. All our gold transaction comes with all the proper paperwork and documentation enabling you meet all local and international legal requirements. With all this taken care of by us, it enables you to transport your gold bullion to any destination of choice in a hassle free manner. So do the right thing now and contact us to avoid the pitfalls of that come with doing business that is not verified and guaranteed.