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Buy Gold From Africa Now

At Bantu Gold we afford you the opportunity to buy cheap African gold. We sell gold bullion at very affordable prices to enable you as an investor maximize your return on investment. Forget about spot prices and other technical lingo. Our gold prices are set independently given the fact that we source our gold bullion directly from mines in Africa. Over the years we have diligently and studiously built up a network of gold sellers and buyers. Our expertise and local knowledge means we can supply you high quality gold bullion at the lowest cost. We have strong networks in South Africa, Congo, Uganda, Mali to name but a few. So if you are looking to buy gold from Africa, then contact us now to start the process.

Buy Gold From Africa As An Investment

With so many uncertainties in the world economic order, you best hedge against down turns is to invest in physical gold. It is worth investing in gold bullion for the reasons below:

Provides security during times of inflation – Inflation eats up the value of money, while physical gold bullion increases in value in line with inflation.

Stable – In uncertain times, gold bullion intends to increase in value. When people sell their shares, they flee to gold and they often do much better than most other investments.

Secure – Gold is a commodity that has an “intrinsic value”. It is not like today’s coins and notes that only represent a
value which is really worthless

Tax-free – in some countries, gold investments to a specific capital figure are completely exempt from VAT.

So why wait any longer. Contact us now to buy gold now.

Documentation Provide For All Gold Bullion Purchases

When you buy the gold bullion through us, we will process all the necessary documents for you. We make sure to handle all the bureaucratic processes involved, as well as transportation and customs. Therefore if you want a hassle free process to buy gold from Africa, then choose us as your preferred partner.